Sentimentals Cartridge

March 18, 2011 13 Comments [1] by Susan

Let ‚get sentimentu about Sentimentals Cricut cartridge , today‘ s Fabulous Find ! This cartridge is full of beautiful flourishes, lace, feathers, keys and stamps. Just like a beautiful Victorian home, this cartridge will take you to a warm happy place as you cut out it ‚s admirable shapes!

Sentimentals Box

Sentimentals retails for $ 55.99 and is well worth the cost. This cartridge not only has gorgeous shapes, it also has plenty of tags, cards, envelopes and even a postcard! Here ‚sa look at the Main Icons :

Main Icons

As you can see, the shapes are super frilly and fun ! You’ll think of a million great project ideas once you cut the fancy mirrors / frames, furniture, stamps and even a bee and butterfly! This is an older cartridge, se it has the old handbook style as pictured below:

Sentimentals Handbook

This cartridge comes with 6 Creative Feature Keys – Layer , Phrase , Tag , Card , Envelope and Shadow . There are cards and envelopes Galore on Sentimentals 50 cards and 49 envelopes to be exact! And of course, a postcard ! This is the only cartridge I know of that has a postcard shape.

You can even dress up your envelopes with unique stamp shapes. And if you love working with tags, there are 50 unique tag shapes , se cut to your heart ‚s content! Here ‚sa look at the Keypad Overlay :

Keypad Overlay

Sentimentals will undoubtedly add elegance to any of your projects. Se if you enjoy Sophisticated shapes, flourishes, or even just uniquely shaped cards and envelopes, this is definitely the cartridge for you! I hope you enjoyed today ‚s post and have a wonderful weekend!


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