Organic Keywords are all of the keywords that the domain Ranks in the top 50 search results on Google

How You Can Use It

When you have a list of a Competitor ‚s organic keywords, you are essentially looking at the blueprints for their entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. You are free to copy, improve, or exploit anything that they are doing. There is absolutely no Shame in copying what your competitors do best and improving on it.

How You Can Use It

When the owner of the site know the sites that popular as well as your website, he can use this list to Cooper with these sites (exchange of experiences, link exchange) while the other site owner it would be beneficial. Because the sites are about the same popularity.

The Whois service allows you to Gather information about a domain name. Whois records Contain information about the registrant, the server the registrar ‚s record points to, and the website that resolves for the www subdomain. The Whois record also contains contact information about the owner of the domain.

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