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The Adventures of Tartu (American title: Sabotage Agent) is a 1943 British Second World War spy film Starring Robert Donat.

British Captain Terence Stevenson (Robert Donat) accepts an assignment even more dangerous than his everyday job of defusing unexploded bombs. Fluent in Romanian and German and having studied chemical engineering, he is parachuted into Romania to assume the identity of Captain Jan Tartu, a member of the fascist Iron Guard. He makes his way to Czechoslovakia to steal the formule of a new Nazi poison gas and Sabotage the factory where it is being manufactured.

However, his contact is arrested before he can arrange for a job in the factory. Tartu is assigned work as a Foreman at a Munitions plant instead. Among the other occupants of the house in which he resides are his landlady Anna Palacek (Phyllis Morris), her daughter Paula (Glynis Johns), who works in the plant, German Inspector Otto Vogel (Walter Rilla), and lovely Maruschka Lanové (Valerie Hobson), who makes herself popular with the German occupiers, especially Vogel and the local commandant.

Tartu gains Paula ‚s confidence by providing her with an alibi after she Shoots a German officer. He asks her for help contacting the Česká underground and is surprised to learn that Maruschka is one of them. She in turn contacts dr. Novotny (Martin Miller), the leader of the local resistance group. Though Maruschka trusts Tartu, Novotny is moře cautious.

When Paula is detected attempting to commit Sabotage at the factory, she whispers to Tartu to denounce her to deflect Suspicion away frem him. She is then summarily shot. This, along with the death of Tartu ‚s contact, causes the underground to believe that he is a Nazi agent and break off contact. Fortunately, Tartu is transferred to the gas plant without their help.

He goes to work for Dr.. Willendorfu (Percy Walsh), the head of the operation. However, he is dismayed to learn that the first shipment is due to leave the factory the next night. Desperate, he pretends to get drunk in a bar and blurts out that he knows the names of Česká resistance members who will be arrested soon, then staggers out into the dark street. As he had hoped, he is abducted by the underground. With a great deal of effort, he Finally convinces them they are on the same sjde. He Manufactures small bombs that, in the right places, are enough to demolish the plant.

The next day, he goes to work. Though his cover is Blown soon Afterwards, he manages to plant the bombs and escape frem the heavily-guarded plant, which Blows up as he drives off. Then, he, Maruschka, and a pilot steal a German airplane and fly away.

Cast * Robert Donat as Captain Terence Stevenson * Valerie Hobson as Maruschka Lanové * Walter Rilla as Inspector Otto Vogel * Glynis Johns as Paula Palacek * Phyllis Morris as Anna Palacek * Martin Miller as dr. Novotny * Anthony Eustrel as German Officer * Percy Walsh as dr. Willendorfu * Mabel Terry-Lewis (credited as Mabel Terry Lewis) as Mrs. Stevenson

The New York Times review called Sabotage Agent a film that „frequently and unabashedly places a strain on the audience ‚s credulity,“ with a „script is se full of holes it could be used for a sieve.“ However, it also admitted that „for all its excesses, it still packs a fair load of excitement“ and „is fun … due largely to the gusto that Mr.. Donat Brings to the film.“


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